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Keonna Evans

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“Music is powerful. You can inspire people and make them feel something new. I like to push boundaries and bend some notes to see where we, the fans and I, can go. It’s all about the journey for me! ” Keonna Evans says.

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The 19-year-old is often perched atop a control board in her bedroom previewing tracks and laying down beats for her as-yet-untitled debut.

Raised outside of Seattle with the support of her close-knit family — like so many of the greats before her – Keonna could sing before she could speak.  She cultivated her voice and stage presence through local talent shows finding inspiration and performance material from iconic voices in R&B and pop.

When asked who influenced her the most, she lights up as she quickly rattles off an impressive list: Christina Aguilera, Aaliyah, Ciara, Beyonce, and naturally, Whitney Houston.  Drawn in by the creativity of Dr. Dre, Kanye, and Just Blaze, she even taught herself how to produce, “because I heard the songs in my head and had to set if free,” she laughs.

Keonna’s artistry has caught the attention of many people including sponsors, labels, even American Idol Judge Steven Tyler– “This girl is destined to make tracks remember her name”– where she auditioned and landed in the Top 100 on Season 10 of American Idol.

Her vocal ability is undeniable, especially when she commands ballads, and showcases her vulnerability and range. She’s only just started but what she’s cultivating is a sound of lush and soulful harmonies over beats soaked in swagger.
Her debut single, “Love Somebody” is a thrashing pop anthem ripe with sweeping hooks, blistering vocal runs and the type of pulsating baseline that DJs, and listeners in their car, will dial up to the max.  It’s the perfect introduction and incredible tease to what’s in-store for Keonna’s debut.

Till then, you can catch the songstress touring throughout California, Arizona, Texas, and even as far as Belize on International Schools Tours. Also modeling for Vlado Footwear, representing Half Breading Clothing, acting as a SAG actress, and dancing up a storm on stages all over LA.

But most often, she’s in her room referencing a track over and over again, perfecting that final note, harmony, and lyric because she believes every second counts.


Music Samples:

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    Keonna - “Love Somebody”

    Keonna - “Love Somebody”